Chuck Castle

Season 6 (so far) + Bruised & Battered




that third gif. jim beckett’s thinking, ‘REALLY!? dude follows you into gunfights, drags you from a burning building, saves the city, changes his whole lifestyle and gives up celebrity and time and no small amount of personal safety to stand by you, becomes a better person for you, loves you more than any human being should be allowed to love another… and you don’t know it it’s real!?’

jim beckett didn’t raise this fool. jim beckett’s had enough of this crap.


I hope there’s more Jim Beckett in the remaining Season 6 eps and of course in season seven if we get it :D  Jim Beckett is as badass as his daughter.

- You know? How?
- I mean, it’s us, so.

Frozen references: Do you wanna build a snowman? P.1 | requested by randomrisa